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Introducing CleverEVAC

Introducing CleverEVAC

CleverEVAC is a system and suite of dynamic EXIT signs that provide increased visibility, audible cues, and negative enforcement options.

The work conducted by the Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) at the University  of Greenwich led to the development of the CleverEVAC Dynamic Signage product range. The FSEG, and also the University of Leeds have provided the required research, experience and trials of dynamic EXIT signage and locatable sound technology. CleverEVAC is a tool for Fire Safety Engineers to consider for use in fire engineered / performance solutions and also in designs where an increased visibility EXIT sign is preferred.

An extensive library of research and trial data is available relating to CleverEVAC technology for both audible technology of Sound Escape™ and visual enhancements of Dynamic Signage.

Stay Tuned – Coming in 2019