We Embrace Innovation

Clevertronics were global pioneers in 2012 when they launched
the L10 Nanophosphate range of products incorporating Lithium
Nanophosphate® battery technology. The L10 range revolutionised
the emergency lighting market and delivered a massive 85%*
reduction in maintenance costs to facility owners. These on-site
results are unmatched by any other product on the market.


Today, Clevertronics has three Lithium powered ranges providing our customers a choice depending on the project requirement.


Managing the compliance for Emergency lighting is critical and to manage this effectively Clevertronics has developed a world class real-time, automatic monitoring & testing system in Zoneworks XT. Installed in over 800 sites around Australia and New Zealand Zoneworks XT is backed by an Advantage Lifetime Support program that supports our customers for the lifetime of all installed Zoneworks XT systems at no cost.


Our innovation is based on market feedback and a thorough understanding of new technology that can provide our customers with products and systems that can improve overall outcomes.

With over 20 dedicated research and development Engineers, Clevertronics is positioned to continue with a strong innovation culture and lead the world in emergency lighting.

077 UK Product Catalogue A4_FINALDRAFT-14

*Compared to NiCd fittings